Trilobyte Tuesday!

Greetings Dear Readers,

No, that’s not a typo in the heading, it really is Trilobyte Tuesday!  We like to keep our eyes open for anything cool and unusual involving fossils and natural history, of course, and one of the wonderful things about the internet is it’s so easy to find paleo-schwag.  Just look at this amazing hand-carved trilobyte:


The bottom, I mean ventral side, is just as detailed:


But wait, like a Cambrian Transformer, there’s more to this little guy than meets the eye…

That’s right: it’s a freaking Flash Drive holder- custom made and hand-carved out of wood! COOLEST. THING. EVER. Certainly creativity and dedication to the max.  I think they should be sold in sizes between 5.3 GB and 2.5 GB.  Get it?  Then you’d have one byte for every year since the evolution and extinction of trilobites! *rimshot*

Head on over to Mammoth Tales, to read about it’s creation and *gasp* to purchase a custom Trilobyte flashdrive case for yourself! Now GO!

WAIT!  Just one more thing before you click away-

Surprising new research shows that, contrary to conventional belief,

remains of chitin-protein complex — structural materials containing

protein and polysaccharide — are present in abundance in fossils of

arthropods from the Paleozoic era. Previously the oldest molecular

signature of chitin-protein complex was discovered in 25-million-

year-old Cenozoic fossils and remnants of structural protein have also

been discovered in 80 million-year-old Mesozoic fossils.

In other words- organic remnants of chitin- the material that arthropod exoskeletons are built from - have been found preserved in a 400 million year old eurypterid fossil and a 310 million year old scorpion shell.  Four. Hundred. Million. Years. Old.  I’m going to take the rest of my night to wrap my head around that.  Does this mean we’ll be be harvesting genetic material off of ancient arthropods and opening a “Scuttley Park”?  No- not anytime soon (dangit).  But this is very exciting because it means we paleontologists don’t really understand everything involved with fossil preservation, and that our ideas of what makes a fossil a fossil are going to change drastically over the next few years.  SCIENCE! 

Paleeoguy, out!


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