Hello Utah! Our paleo vacation has begun! First stop Salt Lake then headed to Montana, baby! (at Salt Lake City International Airport)

Studying up for our trip to Montana! In 2 days, Lee and I will be spending a glorious week at the famous Egg Mountain locality: A 70-80 million year old coastal plain full of dinosaur and trace fossils! We’ll be spending quality time with Dr. Dave Varicchio, Tony Martin, and (oh yes) Paleontology Barbie. Words cannot describe my excitement for the week ahead.

Taxidermy 101 class (Day 1 of 3) was amazing! Last night, I skinned my own European starling (and got a nice look at its internal organs, too)! By Friday, I’ll have a beautiful mounted, life-like bird. If you’re interested, sign up at Prey Taxidermy.com! Allis is wonderful, and a real pro. Follow me on Instagram for more photos.

Iridescent blue sutures of a Pierre Shale ammonoid in the Alf Museum collections…stunning!!! #obsessed #lovemyjob #iwantnailpolishthiscolor

My obsession with Malachites knows no bounds! Can’t help myself. #nhmla #nofilter