One hundred years ago today, Martha, the last living passenger pigeon, died and marked the extinction of one of the most abundant species on the planet.

Today, I visited the lone pigeon in our Bird Hall at the Natural History Museum (@nhmla). Powerful emotions come when you look at an animal that no longer exists because of our species.

Abundance is not immune to extinction.

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"That’s what friends are for…" #mygoodfriendsknowmetoowell

Red algae in the @labreatarpits Lake Pit? This needs to be investigated! So curious…#science #tarpits #ecology #lovemyjob

I like monarch butterflies. They’re beautiful, poisonous, and only eat sugar. #myspiritanimal #nofilter


A smattering of images from the first few hours of opening—lots of picture-taking, liquid-collecting, heat-measuring, selfie-snapping.

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